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I’m Lindsay Bright, a 25 year old adventure-seeker, dog-lover and pizza fanatic! I grew up just outside of Toronto, Canada, until I moved to the nation’s capital (Ottawa) to study Journalism for four years. The story about my love of travel begins similarly to what many of you might be going through. The idea of backpacking terrified me! I like to think I’m adventurous, fun and even a little quirky but the thought of the unknown was terrifying!

Backpacking the world is something I never thought I could do but then I thought to myself, why? “You’re too young, you’re too inexperienced, you don’t know what your doing,” always echoed in the back of my mind. That’s when I began to realize I just needed to take the plunge and take on anything that came my way, and I couldn’t be happier that I did! Now, I try to find the next once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I travel with my best-friend, and partner, Jordan McGuire. If I thought I was quirky, he is MUCH crazier than me. Probably the goofiest guy I know, and the rock I lean on when taking on the world. I’ll let him tell you the rest…

Hey world! My name is Jordan McGuire

and I am a 25 year old Canadian who loves walks on the beach (or in the snow to be more accurate), and cannot wait to get to know you better. I went to to the same university as Lindsay where I studied communications and picked up a little bit of Spanish to help with our adventures! I love to play sports, particularly football (the one where you actually use your feet), and I’ve always enjoyed spending time in nature. Ever since I was a little niño I had a love for storytelling, and my curiosity for the world around me got me thinking. Why don’t I take my passion for stories with me on my adventures? So I did just that! When I am on the road I am willing to give almost anything a try! Eat the incredibly spicy pepper the waiter just put on my plate? Of course! Join a religious celebration filled with rum and cigars? Who wouldn’t! Being adventurous on the road is what makes for great stories. If you look silly in the process it is all apart of the fun.

Travel is meant to be fun and Lindsay and I always try our best to be light-hearted even when times are tough. It helps to bring people together, and make the experience that much better. And brighter if I may add 😉

I can’t stress to you enough how amazing it feels to challenge yourself when travelling. We believe in the importance of connecting with the people, and places we travel to. We hope our stories inspire you to do the same to continue to brighten the world.

What is this blog about?

We created Bright in the World to share our love of travel with you guys and to emphasize the importance of making genuine connections with the people we meet and places we visit! In this blog we will share tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget, how to form personal connections on the road, itineraries, our personal stories abroad and much more!

Our travel style


Being recent graduates, Jordan and I definitely travel on a budget! We normally try to keep our daily costs at around $40 to $60 CAD each (that’s including accommodation, food, souvenirs, etc). Of course when we do excursions we tend to spend a bit more, but we always do our research to find the cheapest tour or sometimes we even opt to do DIY trips on common tourist destinations! For example, our adventure into to the Sian Ka’an reserve in Mexico cost around $40 instead of the nearly $100 tours, and we did the same things plus more!


No matter where we go Jordan and I are always searching for adventure! From bungee jumping to getting lost in foreign cities, we try to get off of the beaten track and seek out the most adrenaline-pumping adventures each country has to offer!


Getting out there and talking to the locals is so important to us when we’re travelling. Jordan and I always make an effort to actually get to know the culture of the country we are visiting and the best way to do that is to talk to the locals, or better yet, stay with them! Read more about the importance and impact of homestays in our Cuban Casa Particular post!

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